For Peter, nothing beats the rush of an impassioned debate, a good rant or even just offering his opinions on the latest developments in science fiction. Peter feels just at home on radio as he does hosting a panel in front of a live audience.

Peter is passionate speaker about his specialist subjects of science and science-fiction.  Due to his Engineering background, Peter is able to convey complex concepts in an entertaining and easily understandable way, and is always up-to-date with the latest developments in science and technology.

In July 2018, Peter was interviewed by Adam Rosser on BBC Radio 5 Live‘s Game On, to discuss the history and development of the recently released Battetech video game, political structures in science fiction settings and how space opera is enjoying a renaissance.


Earlier in the year, Peter was invited onto BBC radio to discuss his article exploring the engineering challenges of building weather control systems, similar to those seen in the science-fiction film Geostorm.  As well as the more commonly known cloud-seeding methodology, Peter also discussed the latest developments in laser inversion and how this could potentially be used for weather control.

Peter is a regular host of the Geek Pride podcast, where he can found talking about storytelling in video games, the sociological benefits of board gaming and how scifi is his one true vice.  In early 2018, Peter interviewed Ian Livingstone CBE, the co-founder of Games Workshop and co-creator of Fighting Fantasy.