544464_305344412944658_521878722_nOne of the best things in my job is meeting lots of nice people at comic cons and Peter Ray Allison has to be one of the nicest.
(A.S. Chambers, author of “The Casebook of  Sam Spallucci” and “All Things Dark and Dangerous”)




A blessed geek.
(Virginia Hey, actress)






I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Peter Ray Allison for the OneMetal website for the launch of my novel Plague Town. I did a lot of interviews during this six week period and Peter’s stood out as one of the ones with the most original questions as well as ones obviously tailored to my background, showing the care and research he puts into his subjects.  I’ve since read other articles and interviews by Peter and enjoy his dry humor and crisp writing style.
(Dana Fredsti, author of “Plague Town”)


Peter Ray Allison only joined OneMetal in February yet has already written 46 articles for the site. His commitment to his sci-fi and fantasy content has been outstanding and his posts have been among some of the most interesting this year. As a new contributor Peter has really hit the ground running, and we look forward to see what he will bring us in 2012.
(Will Owen, founder of OneMetal)


Peter Ray Allison writes compelling, diligently-researched articles on a range of subjects that I never fail to find entertaining reading.  As one of his interview subjects, I found him well-informed and insightful in his questioning, and the finished piece was a first-rate piece of journalism.”
(Mark Chadbourn, author of “Age of Misrule” trilogy and the “Swords of Albion” series)



Peter Ray Allison is rapidly gaining an excellent reputation as a respected reviewer. His reviews are always balanced and fair.
(Sam Stone, author of “The Vampire Gene” series)







I have worked with Peter Ray Allison in my capacity as the online ‘editor’ for Dominion Magazine’s site for about 8 or 9 months. In this time I found that Pete was consistently reliable, delivering his ‘blogs’ daily without letting me down, a true team player. Of the team, he was the one that I could rely on and he was always one of the friendliest and most helpful. I found that having Pete working away in the background was invaluable, as was his sense of humour and kindness. Pete is of course, an expert on all things to do with zombies! His writing style is that of being sensible, humorous and not full of unintelligible overly creative-writing.
(Cassandra Munro, editor of Dominion Online)


Alternative music and culture is spliced with Peter Ray Allison’s DNA. He is a rare breed – a journalist with a technical mind, an empathic eye, and prose so sharp it could give you a paper cut.
(Kim Lakin-Smith, author of “Tourniquet” and “Cyber Cicus”)





Peter Ray Allison’s genre journalism gets right to the heart of the matter. He does his research and that really comes across in his writing. The piece he did on Hellraiser that he asked me to be a part of was very entertaining and informative stuff; even I learned a thing or two about the mythology!
(Paul Kane, author of “The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy” and the “Arrowland” series)



Many thanks for the outpouring of enthusiasm and the detailed critique. You always hope that your readers will engage at this kind of level with what you produce, but it very often isn’t the case.
(Richard Morgan, author of “Altered Carbon”, “Blackman”, and “The Cold Commands“)