Fox Hunt

Peter’s second short-story is the science-fiction-espionage thriller Fox Hunt, published in the anthology “Tales of the Fox and Fae”, edited by Adele Wearing.

Although more serious than his first short-story, Peter Ray Allison’s Fox Hunt nevertheless retains a strong vein of humour running through the story.  Peter cites 24 and Spooks as inspiration for his story, both of which are subtly referenced in the story.

“Tales of the Fox & Fae is available as an eBook through Amazon.


The Sound of Latex

Peter’s first short-story is the comic-fantasy tale The Sound of Latex.

Published in Fox Spirit’s anthology “Tales of the Nun & Dragon”, The Sound of Latex has been described, on The Eloquent Page, as:
“Almost verging into the realms of nunsploitation this slightly campy, slightly surreal fantasy tale worked well. The back and forth dialogue between the two main characters were a real treat.”

Adam Millard of This Is Horror also commented about Peter’s short-story in his review:
The Sound Of Latex by Peter Ray Allison might sound like it’s going to be a gimp-fest, but it is in fact a brilliant and hilarious story about a latex-wearing nun and her exploits. From the outset, it’s clear to see you’re in for a gut-busting journey, and the almost Robert Rankin-esque prose is delightfully light-hearted. A real gem.”

“Tales of the Nun & Dragon” is available as an eBook through Amazon.