The British Science Fiction Association, with whom Peter is a member.

Den of Geek
One of the best movie web-sites on the internet, and one of the few where the administrators are genuinely passionate about films.

Intelligent Horsemanship Association
An exemplary society who practise and teach non-violent handling and training methods for horses.

National Space Centre
Not only a fantastic day-out, the Space Centre is also a worthy cause for encouraging young people to study science and astronomy.

Peter F. Hamilton
One of Peter’s favourite authors, who displays an incredible flair for blending epic space opera with human drama.

Richard K. Morgan
Another of Peter’s favourite authors, who writes with astonishing skill in combining SF/Noir with contemporary issues.

Rob Zombie
One of Peter’s favourite contemporary musicians, who proliferates his work with horror references.

Zero Punctuation
A man who shares Peter’s passion for gaming, as well as Peter’s vitriol at the missed opportunities by the industry.