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2016: Fatherhood and all that

At times, this year felt like a novel written by George R.R. Martin: shocking twists and all of your favourite characters die.  However, on the whole, 2016 was a positive year for me. I continued to write for Computer Weekly and various branches of the BBC, as well as starting to write for Alphr.  Despite…
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A Game of Boobs

I am not the world’s greatest fan of fantasy.  That is not to say I dismiss all fantasy without a second-thought, but a fantasy setting does not intrigue me as much as a science-fiction setting does. My disenchantment with fantasy settings stems from how magic can be used as a general purpose escape-clause, without thought…
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2012: The Apocalypse and All That

The past year, despite the apocalyptic prophecies, has overall been a positive one.  The highlight of my year would have to be my comic-fantasy short-story The Sound of Latex being published in the Fox Spirit anthology “Tales of the Nun and Dragon”.  My story has been well received, with reviewers asking for more tales of…
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