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2016: Fatherhood and all that

At times, this year felt like a novel written by George R.R. Martin: shocking twists and all of your favourite characters die.  However, on the whole, 2016 was a positive year for me. I continued to write for Computer Weekly and various branches of the BBC, as well as starting to write for Alphr.  Despite…
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2015: Being Pro and All That

2015 was the year I celebrated my first year as a professional writer. This was a dramatic career change after fifteen years as an engineer. Ultimately, my only regret was that I did not begin freelancing sooner. Whilst most of my writing projects were journalistic, I also performed some copy-writing for the BBC on their…
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Take Note!

Despite having previously written about digital note-management application Evernote for Spacewitch, and having had Evernote installed for a couple of years, it is only recently that I have started to actively use it. I had previously used Evernote simply as a filing mechanism for any articles I had found and wished to read later during…
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