2011: In Review

2011: In Review

Overall, 2011 has proved to be a positive year for me.  My wife Caelia and I moved into our new home, which has a room set-aside for my study.  Four months after we moved, our son Michael was born (yes, we did move in the midst of pregnancy).

On a professional level, my writing has been similarly successful.  Ironically, this time last year I had considered ending my writing, as it did not seem to be going anywhere.  That was until I was first asked to write for OneMetal and later for the Huffington Post.

My work for OneMetal was focussed on Sci-fi/fantasy/horror fiction in its various mediums (books/films/tv).  The highlight of the year was attending the Aliens Anniversary weekend at the National Space Centre and interviewing Ricco Ross, Daniel Kash, and Cynthia Scott from Aliens.

Spinning off from my work with OneMetal, the author Mark Chadbourn (who I had previously interviewed) suggested I send a pitch to the Huffington Post for an article about his Will Swyfte novels.  The result of which was a reply confirming that not only was my pitch accepted but that I could write whatever I want whenever I wanted!

My work for Pennyblackmusic has also continued, with finally acheving my goal of meeting the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, prior to their storming gig in Sheffield’s Corporation.  The FLC’s reputation as the coolest guys in rock is entirely justified.  Unfortunately later in the year, I was forced to decline the offer to interview Wednesday 13, in part because I had many other commitments, but I had also previously interviewed this glam-punk auteur twice before.

With everything else that was happening in 2011, I never managed to complete all of my writing ventures.  My New Years Resultion for that year was to focus my fiction writing (as suggested by Kim Lakin-Smith) – and was not even remotely achieved.  Developments in the journalistic side of my writing took precedence given the opportunities that presented themselves. Also, an idea for Irregular gaming magazine, never came to fruition, due to a tragic start of the year for my friends.

So what does 2012 hold for me?  First up will be finishing off the aforementioned Mark Chadbourn article for the Huffington Post, as well as a starting a new series of articles for OneMetal.  Once the weather warms up a bit I will be following through on my promised article about LARPing for Irregular.

As for my New Years Resolution for 2012?  If I had to choose one, it would have to be finding professional – ie paid – writing work.  Wish me luck!