Operation: Byeeeee!

Operation: Byeeeee!


I have a secret to tell you.  It is not a particularly impressive secret, nor does it offer you deep insight into my eternal soul, but it is a secret nonetheless.

For over a year, I have been describing myself as a freelance writer.  This is true, but it was never exclusively so, as I was also a part-time design technician for a engineering consultancy firm.  That is, until today.

Today is the day when I returned home from work for the final time, in order to focus on a career in journalism.  This change in career is not without second thoughts.  I am terrified at the prospect, with my mind filled with various doom-laded scenarios.

However, this is undeniably the right time for me to “take the leap”, as it were.  Recent events have been aligning themselves such that I have every reason to commit to my journalism and an incrementally smaller number of reasons to remain as a technician.

Now is, indeed the time.

I recall reading whilst at university the Tao Te Ching, “The Book of the Way”, the core text behind Taoism. Taoism is often described as a religion, but is more accurately a philosophy on how to approach life.

Taoism recommends flowing through life, where you take the path of least resistance, not because it is easiest, but because it is the one that is the most natural for you to take.  Journalism is my path of least resistance.

This philosophy goes on to describe focussing yourself on your actions by immersing yourself in what you are doing: To move with intent, in order to succeed.

To succeed, I must commit 100%.  No safety net, no turning back, no day-job.

No fear.

Well, maybe a little.

Peter Ray Allison,
August 2014

PS: I also have a great editor (my wife).