Take Note!

Take Note!

Despite having previously written about digital note-management application Evernote for Spacewitch, and having had Evernote installed for a couple of years, it is only recently that I have started to actively use it.

I had previously used Evernote simply as a filing mechanism for any articles I had found and wished to read later during my commute to work, and as such it worked fine.

That was until two months ago, when my daughter held her sixth birthday.  The invites for which had been sent out a month in advance.  Due to the various conversations Caelia and I were having with parents, about who could make it and could not, as well as numerous text messages, we were soon losing track of numbers (useful when preparing food and party bags).

So, as an experiment, I started using a tick-list on Evernote for monitoring the invite list, a system that worked brilliantly as it meant that I could check who will be coming and who had yet to reply, whenever I needed to.

From there it was only a small step to keep track of my ongoing writing projects whilst brainstorming a series of ideas for sequels to The Sound of Latex (currently titled “A Latex Nightmare on Friday the 13th” and “The Latex Strikes Back”).

The greatest hurdle I am experiencing is adapting my dai;y routine to check and update Evernote more frequently, something that will happen with time, as I use Evernote more.

The best part is that it is free (with a 1GB data cap).  For monthly subscribers this limit is removed, as well as having the opportunity to share lists and notes with people (great for me and Caelia to keep track of our weekly grocery shop).